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1) What is the procedure for registering via the Embassy as an Indian National?

a) An Indian National who registers through the embassy site has to fill up the form and submit.

b) On filling up the form you will be sent and email with Username & Password along with an activation link to your     valid email address. Once you click on the activation link, you will be directed to and admin section where you     can edit or de-register your name in case you are cancelling your visa and leaving Qatar.

c) You may use Log in to edit or de-register your name in case you are cancelling your visa and leaving Qatar.

d) In case you don't see the mail in your mailbox - please check your mail in the junk box too.

2) What is the format for applying for Business Visa or Employment Visa?

FAQ's clarifying details in respect of these types of visas can also be viewed either on the Indian Mission's website or on Ministry of Home Affairs website:

The application forms for Business Visa and Employment Visa are available on the website and/or offices of the Indian Missions in respective countries.

In case of any difficulty relating to obtaining a visa, the applicant may contact the Indian Mission concerned or Joint Secretary (CPV). Ministry of External Affairs on the e-mail address:

For general queries or clarifications regarding visa issues, the applicant may (where necessary information is not available with the Mission) also contact Deputy Secretary (Foreigners), Ministry of Home Affairs on the e-mail address:
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FAQ's on Tourist Visas can be viewed from 
4) FAQ's on Student Visa - as below:

(a) Can foreign Students study in India?

Yes, they can.
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(b)  Can foreign students come on Tourist Visa to explore admission in some courses / Institutes and get Student Visa while in India?

No. In order to enable the foreign students to explore various options to study in India, he / she can apply for provisional Student Visa of 6 months duration from Indian mission abroad and once he / she gets the confirmed admission while in India, he/she can apply for a Student Visa to the local FRRO / FRO along with necessary documentary evidences of confirmed admission, financial standing etc.
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(c) Can foreign students get a Student Visa directly from Indian Missions abroad?

Yes, they can, provided they have confirmed admission to a course in a reputed / recogonized institute in India.
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(d) What is the duration of Student Visa?

Student Visa can be of 5 years or for the duration of the course whichever is earlier.
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(e) What are the formalities that foreign students should do on arrival?

Foreign students holding Student Visa of more than 180 days are required to register himself / herself with the local FRRO / FRO within 14 days of arrival.

(f) Is there any restriction on the number of courses a foreign student can pursue? 

No. However the overall band of the Student Visa regime cannot exceed more than 5 years.
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(g) Can a foreign student change the course or Institute or both while in India?

Yes. But with the permission of the local FRRO / FRO and the Institute(s) concerned and subject to no adverse activity.
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