Embassy of India - Doha, Qatar
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Indian Companies operating in Qatar


Bank s & Financial Institutions


Mr. V Kumar

Chief Executive Officer

State Bank of India

T:         44917936    

F:         44980621

E:         ceo.qfc@statebank.com

PO Box. No.24883 , Doha Qatar.


 Mr. Vinod Kumar Durbha

Senior Executive Officer and Country Head

ICICI Bank Ltd, QFC Branch.

T:         4496 7448

F:         4496 7450

A:         P.O Box : 24708 Doha, Qatar.




Indian IT Companies



Mr. Parag Wagle

Country Manager - State of Qatar

Tata Consultancy Services

T:         44101533

F:         44101500

A:         PO Box: 31316 Doha, Qatar.

W:       http://www.tcs.com


Mr.  Juzer Madraswala

 Branch Manager

Focus Softnet Qatar W.L.L

T:         44353659 / 44438730

F:         44375549

E:         qatar@focussoftnet.com

A:           P.O Box 10776, Doha, Qatar



Mr.  Hariprasad S V

Country Head, Qatar & Kuwait

Wipro Doha LLC.

D:        40297587

F:         40297584

E:         hariprasad.sasidharan@wipro.com

 A:        PO box 32145 Doha, Qatar.


Mr. Satya Vedula

Vice President,

Tech Mahindra Limited Qatar

T:         4012 6767

F:         4029 7314

E:          satya.vedula@techmahindra.com 

A:          PO Box – 13279  Doha, Qatar.


Mr. Prasun Chatterji

Senior Business Manager – Qatar


T:         +974 44101551

F:         +974 44882658

E:         prasun.chatterji@hcl.com

W:       www:hclinfosysytemsmea.com /  www.hcl.com

A:         P.O. Box 3841,   Doha, Qatar


M. K. Kumar

Managing Director

NIIT Education & Training

E:         info@niitqatar.com

W:       www.niitqatar.com

T:         4455-1798  / 4455 -1796

F:         4455-0469

A:         Post Box No 6718,Doha, Qatar.


Mr. Manoj Megchiani

CEO-MD of Aptech Qatar 

Aptech Computer Education

 A:        PO Box: 15158,  Doha, Qatar (Middle East)

T:         4467-3399/4467-1597

F:         4467-4300

E:           info@aptechqatar.com


Construction Companies

Mr. Rajeev Kaul

Vice President

Shapoorji Pallonji, Qatar WLL

T:         44566024  / 44566026

F:         44566025

A:          P.O.Box 22587 Doha, Qatar


Mr. A.L. Sekar, EVP & Head – HCI IC 
Mr. Jens Huckfeldt

Chief Executive – Qatar, L&T Construction

Larsen & Toubro Qatar LLC, Doha

T:         4443-7056 /  4423-9000

F:         4455-1286 / 4443-2382

E:         ltcgdoha@qatar.net.qa

A:         Post Box No.24399,  Doha, Qatar


Mr. Kanchan Majumder

Country Head

Simplex Infrastructures Limited

T:         44435408 // 44421545

F:         44435407

E:         simplexdoha@simplexinfra.com

A:         PO Box 22472  Doha, Qatar.


Mr.  Amit Jain

Country Head

Punj Lloyd Ltd 

T:         4407 4555

F:         4407 4500

E:         amitjain@punjlloyd.com

A:         P.O Box: 31721  Doha, Qatar.


Mr. Bijoy Nair 

General Manager 

Essar Projects (India) Limited 

T:         4421 0476 

A:         Suite No. 6 - Building No 2

Al Emadi Financial Square, C-Ring Road,’Doha- 


W:       www.essar.com / www.essarprojects.com 





Country Head


T:         44982275

F:         44364993

E:         info@vijayarabia.com

A:         PO Box 31146




Mr. Anil Srinivasan

General Manager

Jet Airways (India) Ltd.

T:         44072222

A:         PO Box 153



Mr. K. Visweswaran

 Regional Director


T:         44238444

F:         44551268

E:         voltas@qatar.net.qa

A:         PO Box:23458,  Doha, Qatar

W:       www.voltas.com



Mr. A. L. K. PILLAI (A.L.Kochappan Pillai)


Sievert  International Inspection Co WLL

T:         4602421/44503925

F:         44602425

M:        55542677 / 55097350

E:         sievertndt@qatar.net.qa /

A:          PO Box Address:24544,

Doha ,Qatar.

W:       www.sievert.in




Mr . Nitin Paul



A:         P.O Box :3556

W:       www.airindia.in

T:         44324111/ 44427747

F:         4432 1134

E:         airindia@qatar.net.qa



Mr. M. V. P Raju

General Manager


T:         44582271

D:        55845948

F:         44580078

M:        70481143

E:         mvpraju@bluestarindia.com

A:         P.O.Box 47242, Doha Qatar







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'Welfare and Protection of Indians Abroad'





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