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Uttar Pradesh International Trade Show (UPITS)

Government of Uttar Pradesh, India, is organizing the 2nd edition of Uttar Pradesh International Trade Show (UPITS) scheduled to be held from 25-29 September 2024 at India Expo Centre & Mart, Greater Noida. The first edition held in 2023 attracted over 300,000 attendees, including business delegates, industry leaders, and policymakers, and participation from nearly 2000 exhibitors.

The 2024 edition intends to provide B2B and B2C platform for participating companies to showcase their products and services, network and explore business opportunities within the region. Exhibitors will also have the chance to connect with foreign and Indian buyers, buying agents, and visitors. A brief note on UPITS and Factsheet along with product categories of exhibitors and buyers in enclosed for ready reference.

More information about UPITS can be obtained by visiting www.upinternationaltradeshow.com or by contacting Mr. Mohit Notta at mohit@upinternationaltradeshow.com.


UPITS Brochure

Fact Sheet English V5